Industrial studio family session


'Dear Kata and Imi,

When we first saw the photos .. we were absolutely speechless. We just couldn’t stop looking at them, they were so absolutely gorgeous!

When we tell you, that your level of expertise and the beauty of your images have no match, we mean it by all our heart!

An hour always seem like just a few seconds whenever you take our photos and it’s always such an amazing experience!

During the photo shoot you can create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves and feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed.

You bring out the best in all of us through your spectacular images, your level of professionalism, talent, style and creativity are all something we’ve always admired.

We are beyond grateful for the breathtaking photos and the memories we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We are more than positive that all the couples, families, friends and partners who are fortunate enough to meet and work with you in the future will share the same experience.'

Lots of love: Joci, Rozi, Bendegúz, Lívia and Joe